Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life Updates

First... here is a photo of me with my 7 foot tall hearty hibiscus!
It has had as many as 27 blooms open at once this year!

Next new desk. It took Ariana and I about 3 hours to put together... and even then there were several "issues." However... Rod seems to like it!

Rod also likes to sleep on my dining room table. I don't let him do this, but when Grandma came over, what did she do? Shew him off the table? Nope. She snapped his picture.

Gerad's foundation had the first annual fund raiser in July. It was amazing. They made all kinds of money. Visit the website at:

This is Jimmy's new favorite place.

That's it for now. The new job is going well. I just rejoined eharmony today... and... I guess that's it!

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