Sunday, July 27, 2008


So... I start my new job Tuesday. I have no idea what my schedule will look like past that. Tuesday I'm working 9-5... but besides that, I know nothing. I am hoping they can work with me a little on a couple of things I have scheduled in the next month...i.e. another garage sale... TJ's 4th birthday party... things I don't HAVE to be at...but I totally WANT to be there.
I've been having really bizarre dreams about the new job... for awhile I was dreaming that I decided to go back and work at Georgian. (don't'll NEVER happen). In my dreams at Georgian, all the old activity staff are still there and they all hate me.
Then I have dreams about my new job... I'm always getting lost in the building, or the building turns into a campus and I have to find my way around all this huge mess... and then... usually it all turns into a massive orgy. Yeah... that would be my 30 year old, prime of her sex drive, mind talking... that's what no sex will get ya I guess. (Apologies to any relatives reading who really didn't want to know that detail). I'm single. Shaun dropped off the face of the earth. Dunno where he is... he hasn't returned calls, emails, texts... and he blew off 2 dates so... that's done. Haven't told him officially... but it's kinda hard to when you can't get ahold of him. Maybe he's dead. Or in a coma. If he is... I'll feel a little bit bad... but only a little. The first date he blew off... he just blew off. So, the chances of this one being a blow off? 99.9999999%.
Details, details... back to eharmony I go!

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