Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Job!

Well.... drum roll please..... I will be starting a new job on July 28th! It's not exactly what I was looking for, but it is in my field, and I think there is potential. The pay is BLAH...although, better than unemployment. I've been spoiled the last 3 years with hospital benefits, and this job is NOT worthy, but, then again, no job would be, unless it was at a hospital, and even hospital insurance is starting to feel the heat of rising health care costs. (Whew... that was a run-on sentence!)
So, I have till the 28th to do all the stuff I should have been doing in my 2 months of unemployment...stuff that I procrastinated away so easily!

1 comment:

*Larry said...

Congrats on your new job...

I guess any job is a good job in todays economy!

Good luck and tell us more about it when you can!