Saturday, February 28, 2009

Physical Therapy

I've been reading Monica and Kevin's blog... about the adventures of Monica having to go to PT. I'm so happy for her that she's done... but mine is only just beginning.
I have completed two weeks, and they are estimating that I need 8-12. Why? Basically I suck. My entire body just sucks. Muscles are weak. I'm as flexible as a board.
When I had my evaluation, I could see the look on the PT's face... "what a pathetic human specimen we have here..." He kept asking me to resist against his force... and BAM... my leg would smash into the exam table. "A little weak, eh?" he would say. Who knew that two pained knees would result in total body humiliation. So yeah... my knees have been giving me grief for some years now. This year the right one got worse. I had convinced myself it was arthritis, from all the years of hard court tennis... but...uh, no. I suck. I'm weak. I'm inflexible. Basically the muscles that are supposed to hold my knee cap in alignment are weak. And the muscles that support those muscles are weak... and the muscles...well, you get the point. So my knee caps are not in alignment. They are off track. And I'm spending 3 dayss a week at PT. And doing "homework" every other day (torture involving therapy bands, hip hikes, stretching...) and basically having zero free time. And the worst part? My knees still fucking hurt. It apparently will take awhile for the muscles that support the muscles that support the muscles to get stronger so that my knee caps will eventually track correctly.
What a mess.


monica said...

Hang in there! It's a lot of work and takes awhile to see results, but you'll get there! Where are you going for therapy? I went to a Beaumont center on Coolidge.

John Thorpe said...

Jesus christcakes. That sounds awful.

I think when it's my turn, i'll just have the surgery.

Colorado Physical Therapy said...

It certainly is one of the cruel thing about the human body. It takes a long time to build up strength but not much time to lose it.