Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Boyfriend?!?!

Yup... that's the story. Erinn does indeed have a boyfriend. I'm happy. Despite being unemployed... I am happy. His name is Shaun and once I have a picture of us together, I will post it here. As of now though, if you have a facebook account, you can see him by linking to him through my page. I love facebook.
Anyone know of any job openings?


Anonymous said...

good! you two are welcome to come to dinner and general merriment on saturday night, if you'd like. nothing fancy, just about 6 of us strange people hanging out on the back porch. assuming that it's not hot and raining and muggy.

Amy said...

Erinn, Verizon Wireless' call center in Southfield is hiring. I know that it is not related to your degree but they would snatch you up in a second. It is an awesome company to work for, the benefits are amazing - if you want to know more, let me know. I work for VZW here in Tennessee and I can't say enough good things!