Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This Sucks.

My job officially ends on May 30th.
Letters will be sent out to families...via the USPS...tomorrow. Which means, in essence, the families will be getting less than 2 weeks notice that their hard to place, demented loved ones will have to find a new place to go every day. It's bull shit. I ache for these people. I really do. I hate St. John Health. I will voice that opinion to anyone who will listen, and even those who won't. Talk about unprofessional. I can't even wrap my brain around this... it's not right.


monica said...

That totally sucks that they're giving such little notice to the families and to you too!! :(

Anonymous said...

What exactly is your degree in? I know you're a "recreational therapist" ... is that anything similar to a physical therapist? If not, have you considered doing anything of that sort? Great market for it, from what I understand. Even in this economy.

Fat 2 Fit said...

sorry that you are losing your job. One bright side, you got some warning. I had a job that closed once and they gave ZERO notice. I showed up for work and was given my last check and shown the door... Not that either way is easy.... Time to go back to college and get a degree in a job that is easy to get... sheesh! If you would consider moving, the VA has a lot of WELL paying jobs in geriatrics for CTRS (just a thought)

Fat 2 Fit said...

Hey, TJ & I were looking at your blog and she recognized your photo.. she said.. that's erinn
thought you'd like to know