Saturday, April 12, 2008

Technology is for the Birds

My DVR and TV don't work. The only channel that I can watch is 900, which is some kind of infomercial station...and it's muted. It's obviously the DVR box that is screwed, and that irritates me even more because I know that when the Cable Guy comes on Monday he is going to say... sorry... gotta exchange your DVR box...which means I LOSE EVERYTHING! And, worse, I have to reprogram the 40+ TV shows that it records for me. Remember the days of VCR tapes, and setting timers....the stone age? Now I might have to do that on my old tv/vcr combo unit in my bedroom... I can't even watch the Tigers. I will be forced to listen to them on the radio. How will I survive??? Technology is for the birds.

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