Saturday, March 1, 2008

Incoming Text Messages

I'm stealing an idea from someone else's blog... here are some of the more "interesting" incoming text messages currently in memory on my phone:

I have the latest edition to your collection from san diego…I think a Cuban sandwich is good enough

Are you still interested in the day after the day after?

So you want me to be the driver? I don’t know my way around those things…might be risky.

Nice…did you make the noise?

Well, you can move, drive to another one, go to a different store altogether, or starve

It's so much fun to be a dick though

I think there is a titty bar in our near future

Your pants are still here

What’s the reason for this demand you present to me??

Races and general tiredness and skunk killing and other such things

That’s true. It’ll be a toasty warm good time

Ah it’s no fun if you don’t play along. Although that might get the jesus cheerleading squad talking

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