Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's been awhile...I know

My blog has been neglected, as has Jimmy and Rods... oops. I've been busy, I suppose, but not really busy enough not to write, so I have no excuse. I am going on a cruise in 3 weeks, so I have been crazy trying to get prepared for the holidays. As of now, I have mailed my xmas cards, bought all gifts, and wrapped all gifts. AKA: I'm done! Now, I can concentrate on getting all my shit together for this trip.

I have also been busy planning a Camp Midicha reunion! We now have a yahoo group for "Old School Midicha" folks...
We've had a ladies night... and now we're planning a BIG party at Mignot's house in January. Can't wait to see all the people. It's sad though, because the reason we are all getting back in contact is because Gerad died. He'd be happy about this, though. That's for sure.

Here is a picture from back in "the day." I'm in the middle. And yes, that is some "Sun In" dyed hair. Scary, I know.

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Anonymous said...

It is hard to lose someone important.... I sure know THAT after my last year! :( Let's hope 2008 will bring nothing but Joy - don't we deserve that ONCE in awhile? Hope your Trip went great! Who is that girl on the Michigan State shirt?? She looks very familiar to me! Is her name Paula?
-tjsw's Mommy