Sunday, July 15, 2007

Miss Diplomat

So...everyone knows that in order to get a passport right now, it's a long wait. The Passport Agency is being inundated with tons of people trying to get either a new or renewed passport before all the new laws start. I needed to renew my passport. I got all the stuff together and sent it away, expecting a lengthy wait. Less than 4 weeks later, and my passport arrived on my doorstep. It looked like this:

Upon closer inspection, I noticed a line called "Endorsements." It said "See Page 27.

I flipped to page 27, and to my surprise... I had become a US diplomat.

Now of course, everyone knows it is IMPOSSIBLE to contact the Passport Agency at this point in time. The Post Office was of no help. So, my mom contacted the office of Senator Carl Levin. A woman there seemed intrigued by my passport plight. It turns out that even if I "was" an actual diplomat, a passport should not have been sent to my home. Diplomatic passports are shipped to the department for which the person works, and that department hands the passport to their employee. Mine came right to my doorstep.

Anyway, long story short...I had to send it back to some special person in Washington D.C. and within about 2 weeks, I was no longer a diplomat.


Anonymous said...

That was amazing turn around as well as funny. Hubby sent in his app 14 weeks ago, I sent in mine to have a name change 13 weeks ago. We are still waiting....
tj_sw's mommy

Fat to Fit said...

We finally got our passports last week (15 and 16 weeks after applying). They both had that statement on the first page about page 27, but nothing was on page 27. What a pain! You might get yours by the end of the year - if you are lucky. On the flip side I heard a rumor that they are putting off the travel to Canada needing a passport because they are so inundated with applications.