Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

It's been a great holiday weekend. Got TONS done! Friday wasn't particularly pleasant, but the rest of the weekend rocked! (On Friday I had jury duty, followed by a trip to the car dealership where I had to hand over 180 bucks to have my roters "resurfaced.") Saturday I spent all day in working on my cruise scrapbook and it's DONE!
Yesterday I went to my job at the nursery, but no kids showed up so I headed out to my friend Mindy's, and got to spend several hours playing with her two kids. Then it was off to my brother's to hang out and have some pizza.
When I got home from my brother's, I realized I had somehow gotten Mindy's husband's work keys in my car. The thought of driving all the way back out to Canton was not thrilling, but my brother saved the day. He met me half way, and delivered the keys back to Mindy's house.
The only really bad part of this weekend? The Tiger's. They got swept by the Cleveland Indians. It's not that they played horrible, but their team has so many people injured right now, especially out of the bullpen. At least it's early in the season, with tons of time left to play.
One day left of my weekend...a huge "to do" list awaits me. How has everyone else spent their holiday weekend?

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Fat to Fit said...

Sorry about the keys! That was strange. TJ & SW were happy to see you though.